Thursday, January 17, 2013


As I sit here in the quietness of the day's morning, sipping coffee and chewing on my jam toast, I ponder the meaning of "living in fulfillment". I know there are a host of wonderful quotes defining this concept and almost all of them are meaningful. In short they all make sense conceptually.

One particular quote come to mind "To live a fulfilled life, live a peaceful life and you will find happiness and fulfillment."

I must be stupid, I have read this concept in many New Age books (or ebooks) but it still leaves a void in me. How can we do it? I cannot help but ask the question 'how?' How does one be happy? How does one be peaceful? How, how, how?

Then the "I" in me said "It has nothing to do with how"

"huh?" sitting up gulping down my coffee.

"It has to do with Being" wiping jam off my pyjama pants.

"What do you mean?" feeling foolish replying to "I"

Then "I" continued leaving me flabbergasted.
"Being is but a state of mind. There is nothing you can or need to do to be in this state of mind. You simply create the state of mind you choose to BE and then you will be"

"How?"getting agitated. "I" is really toying with my emotions now. I am going to give this "I" a good run for his/her money. Like a good consultant I am going to stay one step ahead of the client.

I then said "I know your answer. It has nothing to do with how, all you need is to create a space in your own consciousness and fill that consciousness with serene and calm disposition. Then from this space you look at your day or your situation and treat each day or the situation with this peaceful disposition. In this way you cannot help but BE peaceful."

With this "I" was silent. I managed to shut "I" up.

Finishing my coffee and my cold toast, I settled into my chair savouring the answer given by me.

"Correct" taking me by surprise.

With this answer "I" took leave allowing me to swallow my last mouthful of jam toast. At the most critical moment the Universe refuses to talk any more. Gulping cold coffee, I vow to return to this spot to take on "I" again.

I need to have a shower now.

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