Friday, January 18, 2013


Here I am another jam toast in hand, another morning and a hot Maconna coffee waiting for another conversation.

"Come on talk to me!" I challenged.

I can only hear the pigeon "poo cooing" and an enthusiastic bird chirping.
I close my eyes, settling into the symphony of bird chatter' - focussing on my breath. 

"Define meditation" Universe started
"You are kidding me?" Sitting up, my eyes wide open, putting my jam toast on the plate and reaching for the keyboard. I wanted to record everything that comes out of this conversation.

"Everyone tells me different things about what meditation is. What do you think it is?" furiously typing.
"It's not what you think?"
"Elusive as usual" I thought.
"I am not" it said. Damn it reads my mind. I better be careful here.
"There is no need to be careful" it reassured. 
"If you can dis-associate with your mind, then you will find that there is a real presence behind the incessant thinking of your mind."

"Wow hold it old fellow, no need to get too heavy so early in the morning" surely it is not asking me to be "out of my mind?"

"Have you tried observing your thoughts?" It continued.

"Yep it is asking me to be out of my mind" My fingers could not stop typing.

"If you can draw back and be the observer of your thoughts. You will suddenly find that amongst the incessant chatter in your mind, there is another presence that is there just above the chatter. It is the omnipresent consciousness that exists before, during and after the activity called thinking.

My fingers are going crazy pounding on the keyboard.

" Observe your mind's thinking, accept whatever the thinking is, do not judge, do not be part of it and do not participate. Just simply BE the one observing your thoughts. When you do that, you will suddenly find a duality happening. On the one hand there is this mind that is doing the thinking and the other a presence that is simply observing the thinking. When this happens you would have dis-associated with your mind or putting it simply you have created a gap. This gap is called NO MIND and when you are in this NO MIND you will feel an immediate sense of calm and at-one-ment with the present. Your senses will be sharper; the pigeons sound ever clearer, your jam toast tasting better. It may only happen for a split second initially but with practice this NO MIND will last longer. When you do it long and often enough, you will eventually bath in an overwhelming sense of peace and connection with your inner soul. When you do you are in true meditation. Every time you become the observer of your thinking mind you are in meditation"

I am absolutely blown away.

"Is this your answer to my question during our last conversation about living a fulfilled life?" I am typing so fast my fingers are slipping off the keyboard. 

"Yes" and with this..... silence!

Looking at my untouched coffee, thinking about a book I read a number of times about 8 years ago years ago and it is revisiting me this morning. 

"Thanks dear Universe, you have reminded me about this book" as I enter the gap.....

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