Sunday, January 27, 2013

What is Forgiving

What a beautiful morning, birds are chirping and the pigeons are creating a cacophony with their ‘poo cooing’. I have just finished my fresh lemon drink and oats for breakfast – settling into the chair to enjoy the present moment. I am on the side patio and the gentle breeze provides respite from yesterday’s heat.

Flicking through my Facebook I notice a posting in the feed. It is one of those wisdom card which reads:

‘Do not judge others as you do not walk their footsteps’ so true. Sometimes we are all judge too quickly.

Do you truly know what it really means?” Universe started, startling me. I am not expecting this.

“Not now Universe, I do not have my computer to type your words” panicking and clearing the table in preparation for my laptop.

“No need for the laptop – you will recall all these later. Don’t panic” Universe continues

“A bit presumptuous of you there, are you sure I will recall our conversation?” I protest.

“Have faith” If I have not mistaken, it sounded like it was coming from one of the pigeons. I am going insane; I actually understand the poo-cooing? Arghhhhh!

“You are not and don’t be silly” I am reassured.

“So do you know what those words you just read mean?” Universe continues.

“So let me see. I think I got this one. The words simply say to me – not to judge others as I do not know what their experience in life is. Simply isn't it?”

“Yes it is simple and No you have not got it”

“Arghhh, so frustrating God help me” thinking aloud.

“I will”

Then the Universe goes into this spill......

“Let us start with the last few words ‘you don’t walk their footsteps’ and I will tell you a story to help you. Once upon a time up in ‘God Land” where all beautiful spirits reside……..”

“Sounds like it’s going to be a long one here”

Stop interrupting”

“Sorry” I thought


“Where was I? In this God Land there are plenty of happy, smiling and peaceful spirits going about enjoying being Perfect. One curious little spirit, let’s call it SP1, shoots a question at the ‘big boss’, and let’s call big boss God.

SP1: “God I know I am Perfect but how come I do not feel Perfect?”

“That is a very good question SP1” God answers and continues

“What part of perfection do you not feel?”

SP1 thinks for a while then reply;

“Well Perfection is about loving, forgiving, helping, being content, peaceful, joyous, etc etc etc” SP1 must have seen the movie The King & I.

“So what part of Perfection do you not feel?” God clarifies.

“Well, can I feel again ‘Forgiving’ because I really do not remember what it feels like to forgive” SP1 smiles.

“OK if that is what you want, SP1, I will grant it to you. But for you to feel what it is like to forgive, you will need some other entity to forgive.” waving another spirit over – SP2, a big smile on SP2’s face. God does cause entities to smile.

“Hey SP2, can you please help us? Your friend, SP1 here wants to feel forgiveness. I would need you to be the entity that SP1 forgives and to do that you will need to do something horrible and nasty to SP1. In this way SP1 has a reason to forgive you. Is this arrangement OK?” God is most diplomatic.

“Of course, I love SP1 and I want to help as much as I can” SP2 still smiling and SP1 nods enthusiastically.

Then God continues…. “However, in order that SP1 truly knows and truly understands and thus feel forgiveness, I will need to cause you two to forget this arrangement. Otherwise it will not be a real feeling. And in order to let you feel I will need to convert you two into physical forms so that SP1 can feel forgiveness through this physical form”

“That sounds cool” SP1 and SP2 ‘poo cooes’ in unison.

So with a wave of the hand God transforms SP1 and SP2 into human forms, causing both of them to forget their arrangement. In the human world, and true to form SP2 did a horrible thing to SP1 so bad that it almost destroys SP1 physically and emotionally. After a time frame through suffering and pain, SP1 finds strength to forgive SP2 and in doing so feels the weight of pain and suffering lifting as soon as Forgiveness is experienced.”

“I get it , I get it……” I interrupted.

“What did you get?” Universe answered.

“The words ‘you do not walk their footsteps’ mean that I do not know my own soul’s agenda or indeed the agenda of every person I meet and connect with. Be they friends or enemies, they all serve a purpose in my human life and they all have a prior arrangement with me. Although I really do not know what the agenda is, or the arrangements are, everyone I meet is here to help me fulfill what I am sent to this world for. So we really should not judge others too quickly, especially our enemies as they too have a purpose in my life – even if it means for them to hurt me. I should therefore bless everyone………” I am now jumping off my chair rushing to turn my laptop on.

“bye bye my dear SP1”

I have no time to say good bye to Universe…… just need to type these words.

Whew DONE !!!!!!!


  1. Can't believe how fantastic this is! Just seems to speak directly to me.
    Can't wait for the next conversation.
    Your book was so honest and has helped me understand better, and forgive. Thank you for sharing and I'm with you now.

    1. Richard
      I am glad you got something from this blog and from the ebook as well. Your comment is the very reason why I have written them - to share experiences so that we grow together. Thank you for posting your comments.

  2. I really interesting look at Forgiving. I like its simplicity and relevance. After reading this I see people I meet from a knowing perspective. Thank you.


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