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In writing my ebook, The Yellow Banana I explored a number of new age spiritual concepts which had helped the character (a Malaysian student migrant to Australia) cope in times of severe emotional pain. This blog, JQ's Conversations, is an extension of these concepts, exploring its purpose and more importantly what it mean to us ordinary folks. These concepts are explained in easy conversational style.

It is my hope that readers of The Yellow Banana will see the positive outcome of the student's story, especially those who are in situations similar to those in which he found himself. It is also my hope that in writing this blog, others facing these situations can benefit from understanding and realising these concepts. 

It is not a coincidence that you are reading these words. 

There is a divine guidance that brings appropriate messages at the right time for you. When you are ready and aware, these messages will be realised within you. Messages come from anywhere and anyone as well as in various forms  - perhaps one of these messages may be from my blog.

If you feel inclined,  please leave me a comment or two with your impressions of this blog or the conversations you have read.

Be Blessed and Be Well.

Jian Qiu Huang

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